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A Love Story of a Very Different Kind: Part 3

Yes, Virginia, snakes really do have personalities

Liberty Forrest, Author
8 min readJan 22, 2022
author holding her boa constrictor
Photo courtesy of Northamptonshire Evening Telegraph: Author holding Fluffy, one of my boa constrictors

“You cannot depend on your judgment when your imagination is out of focus.”

— Mark Twain

I understand that many people are frightened of snakes. And it’s true that sometimes, snake bites can be lethal.

However, it’s also true that it happens a lot less often than people think, and that snakes have an unwarranted terrible reputation. It’s easy to let our imaginations run away with us when fear and judgment are calling the shots.

And what would happen if you used your imagination to see beyond the fear and judgment? How might the world look then? How might it open up for you?

That’s why I’m writing this series about snakes in general, and about my little buddy, Bob, in particular.

Snakes are much misunderstood and maligned. It doesn’t help that many cultures have a negative Biblical narrative running through their collective subconscious saying that snakes are evil. Nor is it useful to hear nasty people referred to as “snakes.”

If you had met Bob, you couldn’t possibly have called him evil or nasty. He had so much character! He was sweet and funny, full of mischief, and had loads of personality. Those piercing dark eyes would have looked right through you, making you certain he knew every one of your deepest, darkest secrets.

And at the same time, his lovely, gentle energy would have reassured you that he would keep every one of them safe, and never betray you.

Any time I took him with me when I was visiting snake breeder friends, or to see a vet, they always commented on how unusually bright, alert and curious he was.

And even though snakes bond with their owners, they also commented on how very attached to me he was. Much more so than usual for a snake.

On the subject of his curiosity…

One day, my (now former) husband, “Mr. X,” was putting together a cabinet for me. He was doing it on the floor of my…



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