A Love Story of a Very Different Kind: Part 6 of 6

A terrible goodbye. I don’t want to write this chapter…

Liberty Forrest, Author


pet snake hiding under a towel
Photo by author: Bob liked to tuck himself into bed — between the layers of the towel just like sheets in a bed.

“If tears could build a stairway, and memories a lane, I’d walk right up to Heaven and bring you home again.”
Author unknown

Things unravelled quickly with both my boys. According to Mason, the animal communicator, Fluffy said the answer to his illness would be in his blood and it was cancer. Bob was off his food again and didn’t seem himself.

Both needed the vet; that was clear.

The boys had such a wonderful vet. She was great with them. As I was fishing Fluffy out of his travel box, I told her exactly what Mason had said. “He wants a blood test; the answer is in his blood. He says it’s cancer.”

She looked at Fluffy’s gums and said, “He’s definitely anaemic so there’s something going on in his blood.”

To cut a long story short…the blood test revealed that Fluffy did, indeed, have leukaemia. And there wasn’t anything that could be done.

As for my little Bob, his blood work was suspicious, too. I told the vet what that other animal communicator had said, that Bob’s stomach was twisted.

On X-ray, they discovered that it was, indeed, twisted. The vet had never seen that before. And they found a tumour in his tummy, too.

She said they could do surgery but it would be horrible for him. It would be painful and it would mean a long recovery. He was 13, a good age for a rat snake, although he could have another year or two if we were lucky. She asked me what I wanted to do.

I want him to live forever — that’s what I want, damn it!!

I rang Mason. Never mind what I want; I needed to know what Bob wanted.

Oh, God, I’m in floods of tears just remembering…that conversation was Thursday, 1 April, 2010 and all these years later, I still haven’t got over what unfolded…

My sweet Bob told Mason he did not want the surgery. He was in a lot of pain. He didn’t want to suffer anymore. But he was worried about me; he knew how desperately I…



Liberty Forrest, Author

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