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Channelled Message From Money

Listen to its insights about how to make it come to you

Liberty Forrest, Author
7 min readFeb 28, 2022
Photo courtesy of angelo luca iannaccone from Pixabay

I am Money. I know my very name brings up myriad emotions , memories and thoughts for you. They might leave you feeling joyful, excited and happy. Or they might leave you feeling worthless, ashamed, and doubting yourself.

Whatever your feelings, they do not come from me. They are not of my doing. They are not my responsibility. They are yours.

If our relationship has been fraught with complications, it is not too late to fix it. I am forgiving. I am patient. You see, I do not take it personally because your issues with me are not about me. They stem from your own insecurity, your fear, your feelings of not deserving a good relationship with me.

I am whatever you believe me to be and I will respond to whatever that might be. I cannot change what goes on in your heart or your mind in relation to me. I can only assure you that I am not responsible for your frustration or anger or anything else you might feel about me that is not helpful to your cause.

I do not take any of this personally because I am your best friend. I care about you more than you could ever imagine. I want you to be happy. I want you to be fulfilled. I want you to have the best and healthiest foods, the ability to do whatever makes your heart sing. I want you to have access to anything you need that will make your life better. I want to give you the world and everything in it so you have the freedom to live the life of your dreams and be all you are meant to be.

Even when you say you hate me. Even when you blame me for everything that is wrong or missing in your life. I am still your best friend.

But I sit on the sidelines when you think of me that way. I will avoid you. Although you might enjoy your dark and negative thoughts and words about me, that is not how I would treat my friends, much less my best friend. So as long as you think of me like that, I will stay away. However, in spite of your unkind treatment of me, I will always care about you and will be here waiting for…



Liberty Forrest, Author

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