And No One Stopped Them | Part 14

Childhood Sexual Abuse in Unexpected Ways and a Startling Revelation

No one talks about this kind of sexual abuse. Or certain “other things” back when I was 12…

Liberty Forrest, Author
4 min readOct 20, 2021


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I was 12 years old and it sucked. All the books and the health teacher talked about how it was such a difficult time and our bodies were changing. Blah blah blah. All that crap is the least of my worries. If only all I had on my mind was growing tits and a bit of hair in weird places, and wondering what periods would be like, life would be pretty easy.

But I was taller than most of the girls at school. Tall and skinny. My dad said if I drank tomato juice and turned sideways, I’d look like a thermometer. To top it off, my body wasn’t changing like everyone else’s. And it sure didn’t escape the boys’ notice.

“You’re a carpenter’s dream! Flat as a board and never been nailed.” Or “You’re a pirate’s dream. A sunken chest!”

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’ve heard ’em all. Drop dead, you losers. You probably have tiny little dicks in your underwear but that defect isn’t so obvious and believe me, if it WAS, I’m sure you’d keep your pissy little mouths shut. Stupid little pukes.

It didn’t escape Paul’s notice either, and my mother delighted in taunting me right along with him.

“You’re never gonna grow any tits, Flatty!” teased Paul one night at dinner with my mother and me. “You’re so flat, you’re concave!”

“Stop it! Stop!” I demanded.

“Flatty, Flatty, Flatty! Itty bitty titties!” he taunted.

My mother cracked up, laughing out loud at my embarrassment. My humiliation.

It was easy for her to think it was funny. Hardy Swedish/Belgian farm-stock, she was shorter than I was, thickly-built but at least she had actual tits. She had no idea what it was like to be skinny — especially there. I was fed up with people insulting me for things I couldn’t help.

“Boys won’t want anything to do with you,” Paul said.

“I don’t care! I don’t want anything to do with them!” I shot back. The girls at school were all talking and giggling…



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