How To Find a New Dream in a Hurry

No matter how many you’ve lost, there’s another one waiting right here

Liberty Forrest, Author


fantasy picture, man looking over mist or clouds to a tunnel of light
Photo courtesy of Stefan Keller from Pixabay

Do you have a dream? Or even a few? I hope so. But I know you might not have one.

Perhaps you had one that died. And if that’s the case, what happened to it? Did you or someone else kill it? Or did it die from neglect?

It is our natural state to dream. Little kids are always fantasizing, dreaming about what they want to be when they grow up or playing “Let’s pretend” regularly.

No doubt you were like other children and used your imagination to make up games all the time. You were creative, inventive, loaded with ideas and possibilities.

And if you’re like many others, this happened:

Somewhere along the way, you turned around and saw that your dreams had disappeared. Wiped out by disillusionment and crushing disappointment, they’ve vanished, and you do not allow yourself to fantasize.

No more believing in possibilities or even in yourself.

Your journey has become flat, lifeless, and boring.

You continue to plod on through life, one pointless step after another. Shoulders drooping, head hanging, you wonder why you should bother at all.



Liberty Forrest, Author

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