If You Clap and Run Without Reading, This Is for You

We can see that you did it

Liberty Forrest, Author
2 min readNov 24, 2021


Dear Medium Member who claps for a bunch of my stories to make me think you read them,

I know who you are. My notifications show me how many minutes ago you clapped so when I see that you’ve clapped for eight stories in two minutes – and all of them are at least a few minutes long – I know you clapped and ran.

It’s a sh*t way to treat a fellow writer. It says, “I think you’re too stupid to know I didn’t really read this.”

It says, “Your work isn’t worth my time.”

And it adds, “But I want you to think I read yours so you’ll read mine and I’ll get paid for your time. Because of course, my writing is worth your time but your writing isn’t worth mine.”

It says you’re a fake. A fraud. You are insincere. You’re not really part of this community. You just want the benefits without doing your part and contributing.

It says we’re all here to serve your needs and to hell with ours.

It says you’re selfish, a “taker.” Definitely not my kind of person.

It says you think we don’t know how to read our stats and can’t tell whether or not a story has been read.

It says you’re a liar. And I’ll bet you really hate it when people lie to you. Keep your dishonesty away from me.

It says you’re arrogant and think you’re superior. You’re not.

It makes you look like a complete jerk. You’re definitely not someone I want in any aspect of my life so thanks for showing me who you really are.

And you know what? We get the last laugh because while you’re running around Medium strolling through profiles and clapping your way down the list of titles and feeling smug, we all know you’re doing it.

We can see you making a fool of yourself.

And it’s the most satisfying feeling in the world.

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