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Liberty Forrest, Author
5 min readMar 3, 2022

“Humans see what they want to see.” ― Rick Riordan, The Lightning Thief

I have a very dear friend who thoroughly detests cloudy, cool, rainy weather. She loves, needs, craves fresh air, the outdoors, going for walks — pretty much anything as long as it’s not inside. If she’s forced to remain indoors because it’s not a nice sunny day, she feels confined, restricted and “suffocated.”

Most people who watch television are enjoying talk shows, sit-coms, soap operas, sports, game shows, entertainment, cooking, history, comedy — you name it — there’s no end to the choices. But not this friend of mine. Nope.

She watches the weather channel.

In all my life, I don’t believe I’ve ever met anyone else who does that. I mean, apart from wanting a quick weather-check to see what clothing you need for the day or whether you should still go ahead with those picnic plans.

Oh, no. My friend turns it on in the morning and watches. And watches. And watches. And watches! It’s something I’ve always found to be rather weird but immensely endearing about her at the same time. But hey, it’s me, so I can do weird, no problem. That’s probably why it’s also endearing!

Another thing about my sweet friend, she’s always drinking water. My goodness, I thought I was bad for that but she probably consumes half of Niagara Falls in any given day. Always a bottle or a glass of the clear stuff being lifted to her mouth. I’m sure she hooks herself up to one of those hamster bottles at night so she can keep sipping while she sleeps.

She goes on and on at length about how much she loves seeing the flowers bloom and new leaves coming out on trees. She adores nature at the height of its summertime glory. She spent a month with me here in England one year. She arrived in mid-March and she was extremely excited by the fact that we had colourful flowers and greenery.

But when she went back home to Toronto a month later…



Liberty Forrest, Author

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